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  • $500+/Day

Service Description

As a travel assistant, my role is to oversee and coordinate various aspects of my client's or a group's events. These services include the basic personal assistant needs of the client: 1. Event Logistics: - Planning and coordinating event schedules - Managing transportation arrangements between venues 2. Accommodation Coordination: - Ensuring accommodations meet specific preferences and requirements - Handling check-in and check-out processes if needed - Coordinating with car service if needed 3. Event Logistics and Communication Management: - Coordinating logistics for performances or events - Liaising with venues and event organizers - Ensuring equipment and technical requirements are met - Ensuring the safety and well-being of the client - Serving as a point of contact for the client 4. Promotional Activities: - Assisting with promotional efforts for the event - Coordinating interviews, meet-n-greets and other promotional events ADD ONS: Personal Content Creation: $250+ Additional Info: Because of the nature of this service, refunds are NOT eligible. By booking this service, you are agreeing to this no-refund policy.

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